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Prism is a medium that distorts, tilts, or colors whatever is viewed through it. Just as a prism splits a single beam of light into a beautiful iridescent spectrum, so our mind has the power to color our own reality. We don’t always have full control over external influences and situations we encounter in life, but we can largely influence our points of view and reactions to the situation we are forced to face. Happiness is not a coincidence, but a state of mind that we can create. It is an internal setting that relates to our capacity for self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-control. Each of us has the power to create a beautiful world in our mind, our Pillow Fortress. Be brave, always try to view life situations from a different perspective and think "Outside the Box". With just a power of mind, you are limitless.


1. Superhero Mind
2. Fake it Till You Make it
3. Prismatica feat. Ruud Jolie
4. The Queen and the Knight
5. Don't give a Fox
6. Copycat feat. Timo Somers
7. Higher Ground
8. Pillow Fortress
9. Vultures Overhead

Bonus Tracks:

10. Fake Tt till You Make It (piano remix)
11. Dog Days (remix)
12. Vultures Overhead (piano remix)

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